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Communication needs to flow freely in both directions.
Basically, the process involves translating general user needs into specific functional requirements.
Research has also identified an increase in the unique needs of students in the following areas: drug abuse, alcohol use, eating, weight problems, sexual assault and harassment, violence and AIDS (Bertocci, Hirsch, Sommer, & Williams, 1992).
The bottom line for our OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) veterans is that VA has the programs, facilities and expertise to meet their mental health needs when they return home.
Concerns focusing on self-adequacies are also reported in Whitaker's (2003) investigation of the needs of beginning special education teachers in which he surveyed 156 teachers after their first year teaching.
Jon tries to get Daniel to comply in a classroom that is not designed for a child with Daniel's needs.
Service level agreements (SLAs) around security and high availability are two components of the IT outsourcing contract that often need to be adjusted to match the industry's sensitivity to uptime and security of information.
Above all, internal audit needs top-level personnel, preferably people with graduate degrees who have the skills to be promoted to executive levels of the organization.
Market research tends to focus on actively interviewing and understanding customer needs and wants.
A special needs trust is created to invest and distribute funds for the benefit of a disabled beneficiary.
Segmenting by in-state and out-of-state, freshmen and transfers, the type of trends which need to be followed would include:
We need strong leaders to stand up to the challenge and support credible solutions that will increase the supply of homes and adequately plan for the current and future infrastructure needs of the region.