nefarious act

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I call upon Sudanese political forces, human rights activists, Civil Society community and international community to strongly condemn NCP government nefarious act of political blackmailing.
Anyone involved in any nefarious act against the state would be brought to justice, he emphasized.
An unauthorised armed person does not need to be identified but has to be shot on sight, not using a cartridge filled with bird-shot, but by a trained marksman using a standard regulation bullet aimed to kill, and well before the masked terrorist can commit any nefarious act.
Fourteen minutes of the movie were enough to shake the United States' image in the world despite the fact that the Muslim Brothers or the ones behind the Arab Spring exonerated Washington from being involved in the nefarious act.
Memorize the whole of Psalm 51 before committing some nefarious act and the judge, through gritted teeth, would be obliged to let you go, even if you could not read anything else.
The nation should rise against this unconstitutional decision and this nefarious act of Zardari," he said.
Saeed vehemently condemned the nefarious act and demanded the government that the dead body of the deceased be brought to his country and Sanaullah be buried with guard of honour, adding that it would be a message for Indian government that Pakistan is peace-loving country and has no link with terrorists.
Hyderabad: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who visited Hyderabad three days after deadly twin blasts ripped through a crowded commercial area, praised the people of Hyderabad for refusing to be provoked by the nefarious act of terrorists.
The Prime Minister said this nefarious act exposed the hollowness of the extremists.
ISLAMABAD -- Actions against agents, elements, involved in nefarious act of human trafficking, including Afghan nationals to foreign destinations, especially to UK has begun.
He said this nefarious act exposes the hollowness of the extremists and the level they have stooped to.
According to the central media cell, the Ameer JUI-F said that the protests and demonstrations would remain continue across the country against the nefarious act of the US blasphemous film producer.