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At the same time, if the addition does not negate or cast doubt on the validity of the jurat, Form 1040 may be treated as a valid return.
It's a movement that negates the pattern of marriage and the importance of children and men.
Her identity there is unclear, but since Schaufuss presents Carabosse as Aurora's half-sister (which really gives her a reason to hate the child), and then has her gate-crashing the Nutcracker party in the shortest little black dress imaginable, her entertaining presence negates any confusion.
When this early Faulkner character negates the one intrinsic detail that Faulkner believed gave certain characters their strength - i.
Therefore, section 170(e) negates any charitable deduction for donation of the clippings library.
Morphogenesis relies solely on adult stem cells, which negates both ethical and legislative issues, and has technology to create a "supermarket" of instantly accessible tissues, organs, and stem cells that will match virtually any human being in immediate need of a transplant or treatment.
Hence the gestural dimension of Saville's painting supplements the image even as it negates it--an ambiguity on a par with the inherent contradictoriness of her handling, which ranges from considered to spontaneous.
The problem: Chaminade has pounded opponents on the offensive glass, which negates most running games.