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Not only negating any notion of an innate sculptural dynamic toward architecture and collective public experience in the present, her ruinous refusals assaulted the governing codes and prevailing conditions of German reconstruction architecture in all its misery.
The third method of negating bracket-creep requires an amendment of the income tax legislation so as to adjust automatically (and without any need for government action) the various tax brackets by reference to inflation.
While Brown and Dennis were negating each other's efforts, it was Martin who came up with the big plays.
I also feel the real value of natural rubber is slowly being recognized, negating the need for this so-called support.
Because any potential contribution from a long-range fifth force would be small at best, researchers can now try to improve the precision of lunar-ranging data without having to worry about some unknown force negating their efforts to test the equivalence principle with greater precision.
The identification and validation of more robust and reliable surrogate endpoints will help streamline and expedite the drug development process, possibly even negating the need for cumbersome and slow-to-recruit post-marketing studies for drugs that have realized accelerated approval.
For instance, one piece in this show, 15 psichedelici guardano il muro (15 Psychedelics Look at the Wall; all works 2004), consisted of a series of colored strobe lights facing the wall, releasing colored halos and at the same time negating their luminosity.
From this vantage point, the reader learns that Thomas is a conflicted man who advocates the merits of a color-blind society, an ideal he holds out as a benchmark for this country to achieve, yet whose perspective and life experiences have undeniably been shaped by race, the very thing he proposes negating.
But under the expansion plan, the terminal would be relocated farther from the runway, negating the need for a ban on eastern takeoffs, Los Angeles residents contend.
As of the close of business on August 8, 2006, the Fund had traded at a discount of less than 5 percent for 6 of the first 6 days of the test period, negating the possibility of meeting the 15 out of 20 days threshold.
The monumental diptych I Don't, with its human-size twin green rectangular monoliths--the letters N'T on the right negating the ur-romantic and -affirmative I DO on the left--embodies Gillmore's overarching theme of lives spent navigating the antipodes: being and nothingness, the raw and the refined, acceptance and rejection, risk and restraint.
Bramlett with 49 seconds left, negating a layup that would have given UCLA the lead.