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For they are clearly not in greater darkness or negation than not-being, or more full of light and existence than being.
As for other acquaintances, there is a chill air surrounding those who are down in the world, and people are glad to get away from them, as from a cold room; human beings, mere men and women, without furniture, without anything to offer you, who have ceased to count as anybody, present an embarrassing negation of reasons for wishing to see them, or of subjects on which to converse with them.
And by those negations, considered along with the affirmative fact of his prodigious bulk and power, you can best form to yourself the truest, though not the most exhilarating conception of what the most exalted potency is.
All the vital rights of minorities and of individuals are so plainly assured to them by affirmations and negations, guaranties and prohibitions, in the Constitution, that controversies never arise concerning them.
Nobody is interested in nobody; the government clerk lives between two negations.
The author proposes a comprehensive account of negation as a modal operator, vindicating a moderate logical pluralism.
1 [Spring 2009]: 145-204), "the version of this argument presented in Music and the Politics of Negation is considerably more nuanced" (Music & Letters 94, no.
However, he argues, negativity and melancholia are integral parts of any revolution--as he seeks to demonstrate with a comparative analysis of the French Revolution--even if the post-Soviet transformation, as a negation of a negation, resulted in the unprecedented interiorization of negativity by society which led to collective melancholia.
The very negation for the sake of negation causes mindboggling.
In theological literature this is known as the via negativa, the way of negation, in contrast to the kataphatic or positive tradition which concentrates on who God is and what can be known of the divine.
Summary: Le proces en appel de deux journalistes rwandaises, condamnees en fevrier 2011 a 7 et 17 ans de prison notamment pour incitation a la desobeissance civile et negation du genocide, a debute hier lundi devant la Cour supreme a Kigali.
This cross-sectional study attempted to determine whether the English negation errors made by the University of Jordan's students were similar to the English negation errors proposed by Klima and Bellugi (1966), or influenced by the Arabic syntactic structures of negative sentences.