negative evidence

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Yet in spite of all of this negative evidence of how the EU wants to become even less democratic, there are millions of Brits who wish to remain part of this despicable United States of Europe.
Only personnel who have previously been tested for reliability and no negative evidence may be used to carry out the work.
When positive evidence is impractical, the absence of negative evidence becomes a reasonable solution.
Overcoming the reluctance of trial judges to introduce negative evidence turns on your ability to lay a proper foundation for such evidence.
However, roughly 35-40% of NCGS sufferers carry one or two of these genes with negative evidence of CD.
A lot of negative evidence has been presented against him.
3) Martin's models were, in comparison with the Cambridge paper, only marginally quantitative; indeed, his conclusions were buttressed largely by analogy and by utilizing lack of evidence as evidence, that is, by negative evidence.
AoWeAAEve seen no negative evidence of any breaching,Ao Wells said.
We've seen no negative evidence of any breach there,' Kent Wells, BP's senior vice-president of exploration and production, was quoted as saying in our sister publication, the Gulf Daily News.
While supporting evidence-based policy is easy when results are positive, decisions are harder with negative evidence.
They found no evidence of XMRV in any of the patients or the controls, adding to the negative evidence in the two previous studies.
One of the key messages to all we teachers was that we should suppress all negative evidence by people who come with complaints resulting from the practice of the breathing exercises.