omission of duty

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The Foca Public Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the incident and has detained 13 noncommissioned officers, while a separate military prosecutor's office filed charges against four other officers for neglect of duty.
Graham ruled there was enough evidence for the authority to consider one of the neglect of duty claims.
1,047 ALLEGATIONS * 1,047 allegations made against officers in South Wales Police between 2011 and 2012 * The allegations were made by 612 individual complainants * Of the allegations, 493 related to incivility and impoliteness, neglect of duty or assaults * 320 were substantiated or resolved by the force * 661 were either withdrawn, unsubstantiated, discontinued or no further action was taken.
It is understood those suspended officers made up some of the 24 cases of neglect of duty brought against warders in 2008.
He is well known for advising those who have suffered abuses of power or neglect of duty within the police and prison services.
Secondly, not only was this neglect of duty disgraceful, but it also denied cricket punters who had placed a bet on the Test the opportunity to hedge their positions.
Tait appealed the finding on allegations of neglect of duty and insubordination and the penalty imposed by the presiding officer that he be dismissed from the Blood Tribe Police Service.
The cops also face charges of perverting the course of justice and neglect of duty.
The most common areas for complaints were incivility (222 allegations), neglect of duty (349) and assault (143).
The most common complaints related to incivility, other assault (low-level assault) and neglect of duty.
Without question, this Government's two immediate predecessors were in many ways even sillier--if serious neglect of duty can be so described--but there is too much at stake for this country right now for its current leaders to be seen as falling short in any respect.
Rudeness, neglect of duty and failure of duty made up 42% of complaints against NWP.