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He said he would give me the horses of the noble son of Peleus and his bronze-bedizened chariot; he bade me go through the darkness of the flying night, get close to the enemy, and find out whether the ships are still guarded as heretofore, or whether, now that we have beaten them, the Achaeans design to fly, and through sheer exhaustion are neglecting to keep their watches.
Neglecting here the originalities, of secondary importance in old Paris, and the capricious regulations regarding the public highways, we will say, from a general point of view, taking only masses and the whole group, in this chaos of communal jurisdictions, that the island belonged to the bishop, the right bank to the provost of the merchants, the left bank to the Rector; over all ruled the provost of Paris, a royal not a municipal official.
From behind the crystal decanters and fruit vases the count kept glancing at his wife and her tall cap with its light-blue ribbons, and busily filled his neighbors' glasses, not neglecting his own.
You've been neglecting my education lately, by the way.
2006) Non-accidental burns in children--are we neglecting neglect?
RE: Coventry couple neglecting young kids - Thursday, July 30.
A MAN has appeared in court charged with neglecting his elderly father.
Unfortunately, these strategies may not be successful in neglecting families.
In today's report, Neglecting the Issue, the charity says more services and advice should be available for fathers to support their relationship with their children.
He said the couple vigorously denied neglecting Madeleine, but were pleased abduction was being investigated.
AN MP has called for tougher sentencing of people found guilty of neglecting or abusing animals.
In Oregon, 52 percent of child abuse and neglect reports in 2006 were for parents neglecting to provide the basic needs of children.