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Si ex plagis servus mortuus esset neque id medici inscienta aut domini neglegentia accidisset, recte de iniuria occiso eo agitur".
Si vulneratus fuerit servus non mortifere, neglegentia autem perierit, de vulnerato actio erit, non de occiso".
This editioprinceps was full of errors and displeased Ficino, who declared it spoiled by neglegentia impressorum vel potius oppressorum (untranslatable pun in Latin: "through the negligence of printers or rather of oppressors"); Marsilio Ficino, "Letter to Francesco Bandini," in Marsilii Ficini opera (Basel, Switzerland: 1576), 872.
Commotio magna est in mundo; et in mentibus multorum infidelitas et in nomine monachorum neglegentia.
A more familiar source for sprezzatura is neglegentia diligens which, as Burke notes "both Cicero and Ovid advocated in their different ways" (31); see esp.
Since neglegentia in a moral context is opposed to "such central Roman values as pietas, fides, constantia, and gravitas (dutifulness, reliability, constancy, seriousness)," it violates a code of ethics for which Catullus elsewhere professes deep respect.
neglegentia scribae'; but perhaps the diple is lacking because this note, like many others written in this position, is in fact from the exegetic, not the Aristarchan scholia.
Humilitas, moreover, is a term closely associated with the plain style,(18) while schedium, a word Lucilius apparently used self-mockingly to describe one of his poems or possibly his work as a whole (1279 M), aptly serves as a metaphor for that neglegentia diligens which Cicero argued was essential to the impression the plain style should create.
Quicumque secretum violaverit, vel ex dolo aut gravi neglegentia, accusato vel testibus aliud damnum intulerit, ad instantiam partis laesae vel etiam ex officio, congruis poenis a Turno superiore puniatur.
For him, the genus humile is above all an exquisite genre: it manifests neglegentia diligens, a style whose simple aspect is inimitable because it is the product of the greatest art.