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He would inspect the walls as though he wanted to pierce them with his eyes, peer at the photographs, turn over the books in the drawing- room negligently, and after the usual refreshments, would depart.
Around his throat he had negligently fastened a stock of black silk.
He had ornamented his hat with a cluster of peacock's feathers, but they were limp and broken, and now trailed negligently down his back.
Therefore he rang the bell, and tossing himself negligently on a sofa, ordered 'Some dinner at six - with a beefsteak in it,' and got through the intervening time as well as he could.
Thus he had taken up with him; and thus, negligently strengthening these inclinations with habit, and idly deriving some amusement from his talk, he had glided into a way of having him for a companion.
She lowered the window on her side, and, leaning back and resting her elbow on it negligently, fanned herself with a rich Spanish fan of black and gold.
Noah Claypole lolled negligently in an easy-chair, with his legs thrown over one of the arms: an open clasp-knife in one hand, and a mass of buttered bread in the other.
Eugene leaned back in his chair, and smoked with his eyes negligently turned on the informer, and his pen ready to reduce him to more writing.
Being somewhat negligently braced, however, and, moreover, but imperfectly buttoned, they fell in a series of not the most graceful folds over a pair of shoes sufficiently down at heel to display a pair of very soiled white stockings.
Having, as it were, taken formal possession of his clerkship in virtue of these proceedings, he opened the window and leaned negligently out of it until a beer-boy happened to pass, whom he commanded to set down his tray and to serve him with a pint of mild porter, which he drank upon the spot and promptly paid for, with the view of breaking ground for a system of future credit and opening a correspondence tending thereto, without loss of time.
Joanne Duggan and charged with operating under the influence of liquor, operating a motor vehicle negligently to endanger and a marked lanes violation.
These are all legal liability claims against the council and for such claims to succeed it is necessary for the claimant to prove that the council has acted negligently in some way.