negotiation process

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If the Albanian parties believe that the current government wants Macedonia to join the Euro-Atlantic processes and if they are concerned of the Macedonia we have tomorrow, they should today get involved in the negotiation process as an equal side.
The LSU will allow tenderers in the negotiation process more accurate information about the individual lots.
ISLAMABAD -- Negotiation process restored between Government, PTI and political jirga, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar called Ameer JamaateIslami, Siraj ul Haq on telephone and expressed the government willingness to start talks, while Opposition leader Khursheed Shah has also called Siraj ul Haq on telephone and discussed the matter of Chief Election Commissioner name selection.
Eucalan's lawyer, Mazlum Dinc, made a statement after visiting Eucalan on Monday at ymraly Prison and said that Eucalan is frustrated that the negotiation process was interrupted and that he demands it be resumed within a week, prior to the presidential election to be held on Aug.
The negotiation process on determination of the list of goods and rates Kyrgyzstan will need preferences during the transitional period of entry into the Customs Union will start since July 17, Deputy Economy Minister Danil Ibrayev said at the meeting of the working group for the talks with the Eurasian Economic Commission on July 16.
Ahmed Abdullah Nasser, delivered the lecture, in which he reviewed the definition of negotiation, components of negotiation process, qualities of successful negotiating situation, personality of the negotiator and stages of the negotiation process.
The negotiation process of the Union is based on more than a community of interests; it is a community of values as well within a legal framework.
Amuenje revealed that last year FNB employees requested that the Bank communicate its position earlier in the negotiation process, an approach that was shared and recorded as part of the negotiation process this year.
Ahli Bank said that it is still in the negotiation process and has sought an extension of end-June 2013 to complete the remaining formalities
Russian News Agency (Interfax) quoted the Russian minister as calling on all parties involved to be cautious about their steps and the use of force over the negotiation process, noting that it's deeply concerning to him.
Summary: Morocco's withdrawal of its confidence in UNSG's personal envoy for the Sahara Christopher Ross stems from the Kingdom's conviction that Ross deviated from objectivity and neutrality in managing the negotiation process on this conflict, Communication minister and government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi said.
Gul's remarks came after Croatia, whose negotiation process with the union began at the same time as Turkey, signed accession treaty with the EU.