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Primo Negotium and Mr Homes Property Management will use the community and property management functionality.
Juliann Vitullo ("Otium and Negotium in Alberti's I libri della famiglia") and Marianna Villa ("L'etica del lavoro nel Quattrocento letterario: sondaggi nei Libri della famiglia albertiani") examine Leon Battista Alberti's famous treatise on family and fatherhood.
Though in the modern context leisure emerges as a realm that must be preserved from the imperious claims of work, Pieper draws his understanding of these terms from classical and medieval philosophy, which distinguishes between [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or otium--time spent on matters of intrinsic worth--and the negative concept [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or negotium, signifying a lack or deprivation of such leisure.
40) See Darwall-Smith (note 2) 65 and Norena (note 5) 27 on the Templum Pacis as a space of otium rather than negotium.
First, I focus on the preface to the Catalogus and its portrayal of courtly reading, considering the use of humanist learning as a stepping-stone to courtly advancement in the context of the classical binary of otium (leisure) and negotium (work).
Ophelia is, therefore, paradoxically passive and active: she embodies both otium (leisure) and negotium (busy-ness), in a startlingly Virgilian manner, while forcing those around her into no similar choice.
Negotium is derived from the contraction of a Latin phrase: mihi neg otium est--"I do not have the leisure to.
gt;> Ex illo verbo fabuloso, plures de curia de facta prenatarro eum suspectum habuerunt, et non immerito, quia confessa veritate per judeos questionatos, de premissis, ut supra, cum ceteris ad eorum accusationem captus est, et cum eis per villam Bruxellensem, in curribus, manibus et pedibus ligatis, ad spectaculum et negotium insigne, ut eorum prava et damnata opera melius manifestarentur, ultimup traditus est supplico.
While published epigrams were often defended as the consolatory fruit of otium, it is dear that the original composition of religious epigrams in fact often stemmed from negotium, that is, dutiful labor.
On the contrary, the georgic, which derives from "earth-work," is devoted to negotium, or the engagement and toil involved in running a farm.
Vitoria, De Indis: "Ergo redeundo ad propositum negotium barbarorum nec est de se ita evidenter iniustum, ut non possit disputari de iustitia illius, nec rursus ita evidenter iustum, ut dubitari non possit de iniustitia illius, sed in utramque partem videtur habere speciem.
It may happen, expressly or by implication as permitted by Article 6, that the choice of the settlor falls on a legal system that does not define the negotium he has created as a trust--as a Convention trust, of course.