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The two agreed to carry forward the dialogue process "in keeping with the vision of the prime ministers of India and Pakistan to to improve and establish good neighbourly relations," the statement said.
Therefore, we should maintain good neighbourly relationship.
In the meeting Commissioner FE-le also discussed the implementation of last year's 1 March political agreement and key reform priorities including in the fields of freedom of media, judicial independence and electoral legislation, as well as good neighbourly relations.
Talks are scheduled to focus mainly on the further development of political and economic relations between the two neighbourly countries, but ways for facilitating the issuing of visas by the respective governments, and the demarcation of the seabed between the two countries for oil exploration are also expected to be high on the agenda.
Summary: ABU DHABI - At its meeting today chaired by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the UAE Cabinet stressed the historical relations between the country and the Islamic Republic of Iran and its desire that these relations should be developed for the benefit of the two neighbourly countries, which would promote the stability of the region.
Not sure what she does in the band or even if she's still in it -we were never particularly neighbourly.
Top 15 interactions with neighbours 1 Been inside their home (41%) 2 Have invited them into my home (37%) 3 Lent them something (28%) 4 Have been lent something (26%) 5 Feed their pets/water plants when they are away (16%) 6 They feed my pets/water my plants when I am away (13%) 7 I keep their spare keys (12%) 8 We've had a barbecue (11%) 9 They keep my spare keys (10%) 10 We have social gatherings (10%) 11 Our children play together (7%) 12 We've had a street party (6%) 13 We've had Christmas drinks (6%) 14 They look after my children after school (2%) 15 I look after their children after school (2%) Apathy to neighbourly relations was particularly marked among the under-35s.
Skopje is being urged to follow through with reforms - notably in "good neighbourly relations", a code mainly meaning resolving the Macedonia name dispute with Athens - by the European Commission and by its neighbours Bulgaria and Greece.
Malik said that Pakistan has good neighbourly relations with Iran which are deeply rooted in many commonalities of history, faith and culture.
Manama, March 15 (BNA) Following a statement by Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on developments in Bahrain and the kingdom's sovereign decision allowing access of the Peninsula Shield Force, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Regional and GCC Affairs Hamad Al Amer described the Iranian comments as an outrageous intervention in Bahrain's domestic affairs by a country which is supposed to adhere to the principle of good neighbourly relations Bahrain has always been committed to with Iran.
At the Bulgaria-chaired meeting in Sofia, the SEE countries laid that foundations for regional co-operation for the purposes of creating an atmosphere of trust, good neighbourly relations and stability.
But 45-year-old Michael's planning application to Camden Council for the work has revealed his relations with next door are anything but neighbourly.