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This section presents those cases and shows that they are in fact lexically deviant, that is, either archaic or neologistic, and can be excepted without resorting to ad hoc mechanisms.
thin-skinned souls to adhere to Lord George Brown's neologistic maxim on such occasions - that's to treat them with "complete ignoral" - it is probably wise to remember that journalists sometimes have their own agendas.
recalling neologistic epithets commonly employed for neorriquenos,
There are also always two inadequate cities of letters, the neologistic and the obsolete: the Greek (shall we say?
These immigrants were labelled issei, nissei and sansei in Japanese neologistic short-terms, meaning first, second and third generation of Japanese-origin emigrants to the Americas.
At the same time he has woven through it, a high level of explanatory analysis, mercifully unencumbered by dubious theory or neologistic abstractions.
Ironically, by using this kind of neologistic vocabulary and syntax, the introduction, for example, creates just the sort of elite tradition, in which only initiates can participate in a circle of understanding that it is setting out to investigate.
Richard Kostelanetz criticizes Hoover's Postmodern American Poetry for excluding what he considers a whole range of avant-garde work that might also have forced rethinking of the anthology's nature: "It completely omits sound poetry, visual poetry, neologistic poems, minimal poems, site-specific poems, video poetry, poetry holograms, computer poetry, and comparable experimental forms" (1995, 17).