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79) But they were also determined to defend their neologistic practices to a more scholarly audience; they sold high rhetoric to the underclass, but sold themselves to the elite as national benefactors.
Uxor sounds like Egyptian Luxor, or Hypoluxo, Florida's neologistic stab at a resort.
According to Ugo Cerletti, a professor of neuropsychiatry at the University of Rome who is credited with conceiving the method by which ECT is given today, the man was "delusional, hallucinating and gesticulating and alternated between periods of mutism and incomprehensible, neologistic speech".
Such plays, Clark avers, remain preoccupied with "a neologistic and polysyllabic diction that collides with a vulgar .
13) It was also used much less frequently than its older near-synonyms, seeming to retain a neologistic feel.
Ezquerra and Adamo-Della Valle provide exhaustive discussion and illustration of the most common neologizing phenomena in the two languages during the last decade, while Coletti, in a tour de force of research, focuses largely-and fascinatingly--on neologistic forms that were used in Italian at various points in the twentieth century but did not stand the test of time: 'veri e propri decessi sul nascere, false partenze' (p.
The author stresses that it is not so much through the external circumstances of the life that he wishes to paint a picture of the composer, an approach that lies behind the slightly mannered subtitle "a musicography"--a kind of neologistic counterpart to the normal "biography.
Mokni is cockney spelled on the page phonetically, with peekaboo umlauts and neologistic pepper spray.
4) We should not simply cast aside it, or any other neologistic form we might adopt, with statements such as "quante discussioni, forse un po' oziose, intorno a quel fatidico trattino
It will be more of a compilation than an original work: and, me judice, in these neologistic days, judicious compilement is far, far more serviceable to the cause of theology than dangerous,
A neologistic paraphasia gets less than 50 percent of a word right, for example, saying trip instead of the intended bird.