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With respect to the Commission on Higher Education, the antiquated Ched Memorandum Order 4 series of 1995 should be modified and amended to impose stricter penalties, such as expulsion among fraternity officers and members engaged in the practice of hazing neophyte or members and permanent ban on the fraternity itself.
In the meantime, thanks to their remarkable ability both to attract and coerce new recruits, the Franciscans managed to sustain San Jose's growth even as they transferred large numbers of neophytes to serve as "seed populations" for new missions at San Rafael (1817) and Sonoma (1823).
As the proposal reads; "The neophyte nurses in Arizona deserve our attention; the best practice we can make available to them so that their nursing career is extended to decades, not months.
Retention of neophyte nurses is an important part of decreasing the critical nursing shortage.
Loomis's edification is managed and manipulated by Bynum, who questions the neophyte in the midst of his initial ecstasy and guides Loomis through a detailed account of the bones people.
For the neophyte, online education means distance learning of numerous modalities and offline is defined as traditional face-to-face classes.
Alliances or the prospect of alliances between neophyte and interior Indians helped fuel Indian opposition to the missions.
It is an essential primer for the neophyte in the field.
Castillo from the time of his admission as a neophyte [in] the Aegis Juris fraternity until his initiation rites.
Meanwhile, we are concerned with the rights of the Christians in the conflict zonesaa, Bulgariaas Deputy Primier for Judicial Reform and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva told Bulgariaas Patriarch Neophyte during their meeting at the Sofia Bishopric on Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.
It contains sections describing the bishop, presbyters, deacons, confessors, widows, lectors, virgins, subdeacons, healers, neophyte Christians, and artisans and craftsmen.