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neophytes being ordered to wear girl's clothes in public or kiss a horse's behind, or bring flowers to or serenade the members' girlfriends.
In his complaint-affidavit, he said that on June 28, the neophytes were brought to the house on Calatagan St.
By so clearly delineating Mission San Jose's far-flung hinterland and the constantly shifting internal composition of its diverse neophyte community, Milliken makes some big contributions with this small book.
On the other hand, hazing shouldn't be a problem if only the fraternity and the school are responsible enough to prevent the harming of neophytes.
Morales was tagged as one of 10 members of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity who conducted initiation rites on four neophytes Saturday night.
Where ``The Jury'' succeeds is in delineating the atmosphere of misinformation, arrogance and earnestness that permeates a jury room as neophytes are confronted with deciding a fellow human's fate (in one episode, the jurors seem particularly fuzzy on what ``Romeo and Juliet'' is all about but delight in insulting one another).
She not only exposes readers to the broader ramifications of the case but also raises general issues of historical interpretation that both neophytes and experienced historians need to keep in mind.
The LBW made major steps toward strengthening the corporate understanding by its appointing the Sunday assembly as its setting, the use of baptismal festivals, the use of plural language in referring to the neophytes, the welcome by the congregation, and the use of the Apostles' Creed.
Shoba Sharma, founder and artistic director of Natya, danced Nandichol with her ensemble of eight neophytes, whose enthusiasm compensated for lack of experience.
For the marketing of your camp, this process involves educating neophytes about those issues that are truly relevant to the decision.
During the weekly Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum, the Davao del Norte congressman also admitted that he eventually administered the initiation of neophytes as he was former president of the Ateneo's Fraternal Order of Utopia.