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Shihan said that he was in fact counting more on the cooperation of civil society organizations to create awareness among people on the drawbacks of nepotism.
Nepotism can't be abolished in total, as it is a deep rooted problem that has been around since civilisation began.
Nepotism takes a big share of employment in state facilities and institutions to such a degree that qualified people are prevented from jobs given to unqualified applicants.
Health-care system and education in Singapore are among the best in the world because the country combats corruption, bribery, nepotism and cronyism," according to Mahbubani.
Before leaving Parliament on Friday, Rashidov said Mestan had already been made aware of the nepotism claims.
I call it the aeemployment of relatives' policy rather than nepotism," Ms.
He said those involved were stifling the merit, and were neither sincere with cricket nor the country, adding it was time to end the prejudicial policies of not selecting competent players from Sindh and instead of selecting players on nepotism merit must be made the sole criteria.
Charles would probably jump at being made Governor-General of the UK, having never really had any kind of worthwhile almost every absolute monarch quickly becomes a brutal tyrant, presiding over widespread corruption and much more nepotism than there is now.
It is unquestionable that corruption and nepotism in the KRG are endemic and deeply rooted.
It's now time there was a huge cull of these money-grabbing parasites, most of whom should be in jail for fraud, blatant nepotism, and whatever else they've been up to.
BY his own admission, 2009 has been a far from vintage year for Malcolm Saunders, but the trainer experienced a welcome upturn in fortunes at Lingfield on Saturday night as he saddled a 6-1 double courtesy of Nepotism and Matterofact.
Nepotism involves favoritism in the treatment of others, especially subordinates, on the basis of kinship ties.