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Botulinum toxin binds with high affinity to cholinergic nerve endings, including the motor and autonomic nerves.
5,22-24) The theory of centro-central nerve union is based on central axon suppression secondary to the approaching nerves and prevention of the target-derived neurotrophic factors from the nerve endings by sealing of the epineurium.
Then I started getting electric shocks in my fingers and my physio said that was because the nerve endings were starting to be affected.
HSV can enter sensory nerve endings within 5 minutes of exposure, and B virus is likely to infect just as rapidly.
The cold triggers the nerve endings in the mouth and back of the throat.
Mucous becomes too abundant, the fluid adds up to swelling, and histamines and leukotrienes irritate nerve endings into the familiar symptoms of burning and itching and sneezing.
27] The function of the nerve endings from the SLN in the IA is still unknown.
You have nerve endings sensitive to pain all over your body which normally sound an alarm to the brain when something is harming or about to harm your body.
The surge of adrenalin in the bloodstream as a result of stress causes constriction in the capillaries and small arteries going to the hands, lips, nose, ears, and the feet where there is a high concentration of nerve endings.
Bonus: To find out about nerve endings in other parts of your body, try this activity.
Histamine irritates nerve endings, which makes you itch.
High blood sugar degenerates nerve endings through accumulation of blood sugar composed of fructose and sorbitol or through a change in neural proteins.