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For patients, this means smaller incisions and a reduced risk of damaging functioning nerve fibers.
Although corneal nerve assessments have shown increasingly valuable as a replacement for epidermal nerve fiber evaluation in diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the evaluation of corneal alterations in tracking HIV-induced neuropathy has yet to be explored.
Previous studies have shown that the appearance of white matter in magnetic resonance images depends on the angle between the nerve fibers and the direction of the very strong magnetic field used in an MRI scanner.
The study is measuring the status of the optic nerve using vision tests and OCT (optical coherence tomography, a quick, non-invasive eye test that can show nerve fiber damage and health).
The analysis of sound frequency and intensity, however, have their origins in the cochlea, and are represented in the pattern of action potential discharges found in auditory nerve fibers.
At higher levels of lead exposure and presence of ergonomic stress, nerve fibers were more susceptible to increased damage, something that has never before been shown in human studies.
In addition to the dramatic improvement in walking, the investigators found that the triple therapy helped protect nerve fibers from dying and promoted new growth of fibers into, as well as beyond, the area of injury.
Lynch said Advanced Bionics is focusing its probe on the part of the implant called an electrode positioner, which is used to guide the electrode toward nerve fibers in the inner ear, which is about the size of a pea.
Structural neuropathy: This stage involves the loss of structural change in nerve fibers.
Instead, he is a part of a greater organism, the whole of mankind, into which he is bound by the means of communication--speaking, writing, telephoning, traveling over long distances--in the way that the cells of a rabbit are interconnected by nerve fibers and hormonal molecular messengers.
11-14] Whole-mount studies of thick sections stained by immunohistochemistry have indicated that the nerve fibers are continuous with extrinsic fibers[11]; they enter the muscle wall in association with blood vessels, but subsequently become tortuous and irregularly expanded and finally branch to form coarse plexuses.