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Sunderland Grade 2 (axonal degeneration with connective tissue, nerve fiber, and nerve trunk continuity) has a good prognosis.
The interpretation of morphological findings confirm the presence and connection of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic component) in spinal nerve trunks (sciatic nerve), at a higher rate to that cited in the literature (15%), indicating the need of more specific studies to corroborate such findings.
The brachial plexus was swollen, but the continuity of the nerve trunks was not broken (no neuroma present).
Hyperhidrosis at a Glance -- Genetic medical condition affecting an estimated 12 million Americans -- Condition occurs because brain sends too many signals to hands, underarms, feet and face to overproduce sweat -- Can begin as early as infancy; often becomes worse during teen and young adult years -- Extreme sweating can happen at any time, in any place -- New outpatient surgical procedure features small titanium clamps applied to sympathetic nerve trunk to stop severe sweating -- Procedure is effective in 96% of patients -- Quick recovery time -- 90% to 95% of medical insurance companies cover most of surgical procedure
This layer is the strongest component of the nerve trunk and serves to regulate the local environment by acting as a diffusion barrier and maintaining intrafascicular pressure.
Increased submucosal nerve trunk caliber in aganglionosis; a `positive' and objective finding in suction biopsies and segmental resections in Hirschsprung's disease.
Occasionally, a significant mismatch between proximal and distal nerve ends requires a double cable graft--for example, when a graft is placed from the main facial nerve trunk to the segmental branches.
Microscopically, the sections of the attached swollen peripheral nerve trunk showed the presence of a plexiform neurofibroma (Figure 2).
Staining for S-100 protein clearly exposed the outlines of the granulomas within the nerve trunk (figure 3,C).
On the basis of those results, recent studies by the team have focused on direct exposure of the vago-sympathetic nerve trunk in the neck to pico-tesla electromagnetic fields.
Rabies is a virus that, upon entering the body of an animal or human, travels up a nerve trunk to the brain, causing encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).