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It's a very, very nerve-racking kind of experience.
He said: "It was nerve-racking when the phone rang as I just didn't want to let her down.
KPMG head of retail Helen Dickinson said: "There is little doubt that Christmas will arrive late for many retailers, leaving them with a very nerve-racking couple of weeks to come.
Previously Jubba, a locally owned airline operated out of Balidogle, 70 miles northwest of Mogadishu, requiring a nerve-racking car or coach journey through the desert.
Tapping into that universal fear of being stranded on the open road, Wolf Creek is a nerve-racking thrill-ride, which reminds us to beware the kindness of strangers.
When you have a lot to sort out, Campbell advises minimizing nerve-racking interruptions whenever possible.
Campeseadmittedafterwards: ``It was pretty scary and the most nerve-racking thing I've ever done in my life.
This would be nerve-racking for some, particularly given work known for both immaculate finish and theatrical scale, but Kapoor seems calmly airy.
We didn't even exchange photos, so our first meeting was quite nerve-racking.
A nerve-racking effort to attach cameras to marine mammals has shown how four species dive the impossible dive.
Haunted by an unsteady conscience and an unblinking midnight sun, the increasingly paranoid and insomniac police officer finds himself outflanked and desperate in a nerve-racking game of cat and mouse with a killer who knows his secret and a colleague who smells some herring.
It was very nerve-racking because it was something I really wanted, and I'd never had to audition like that, with eighty other women.