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Still, the Doctor, with shaded forehead, beat his foot nervously on the ground.
Archer drew her embroidery out of the basket into which she had nervously tumbled it, and Newland, leaning against the chimney-place and twisting a humming-bird-feather screen in his hand, saw Janey's gaping countenance lit up by the coming of the second lamp.
Casaubon was nervously conscious that he was expected to manifest a powerful mind.
No sooner was she hid from him than she changed into another woman; she was now become a calculating purposeful madam, who looked around her covertly and, having shrunk in size in order to appear less noticeable, set off nervously on some mysterious adventure.
That is a very bad report," said the King, nervously.
She always speaks with a wailing, dolorous voice -- you are nervously expecting her to burst into tears every moment.
He looked nervously at the two men and about the hut.
It was a curious fact, however, that notwithstanding his recent searching examination, he looked once more nervously around the saloon before he settled down to his task.
Her hands were clenched in one another, her fingers nervously interlocked.
Every now and then he glanced nervously towards her.
He leaned forward, licking his lips, nervously spreading and closing his fingers, while he watched Martin write a check.
His eyes turned nervously to the door by which Agnes had left him.