net quantity

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the subject of the separate item is the supply of a net quantity of medium voltage electrical energy and the coordination of the balancing group with a place of execution to the following sites: - the building of the national assembly, Sofia, 1 knyaz alexander i square, - the national assembly building, 2 narodno sabranie square - nn, - food complex of the national assembly, Sofia, 2 knyaz dondukov blvd.
Staffers in attendance at the DSC briefing learned about what information must appear on a dietary supplement label and what each item means, including: the statement of identity; net quantity of contents; supplement facts with nutrition information for each ingredient; manufacturer or distributor information; complete listing of ingredients; safety information; FDA disclaimer; claims/benefits; and cautions/warnings/notices.
AAFCO also requires that the product must be identified as pet food, that a net quantity or weight statement be on the front of the package and that the manufacturer's, packer's or distributor's name and place of business be on the package, as well.
The net quantity of carbon dioxide absorbed by the Southern Ocean remained at 0.
A convincing, in-depth study needs to be made about the net quantity of usable energy that is technically possible from renewable sources.
Other breaches found included items without net quantity declarations, ingredient listings, or the name and address of the manufacturer or the country of origin.
AFFI submitted comments regarding a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposal to revise labeling regulations that pertain to declarations of net quantity of contents on food packages.
The analysis of production rates and machine capabilities required to produce a net quantity of castings through all foundry processes without bottlenecks and/or unnecessary inventories is necessary.
Under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), the FDA has proposed requiring food labels to list the net quantity of contents using both the inch-pound (avoirdupois) system and the metric system.
Producing a series of International Price Program indexes on a monthly basis would allow the monthly trade data to reflect the net quantity of trade as well as the net value of trade and, thus, significantly enhance their utility.