net quantity

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Producing a series of International Price Program indexes on a monthly basis would allow the monthly trade data to reflect the net quantity of trade as well as the net value of trade and, thus, significantly enhance their utility.
For example, if a gross quantity of 200 is entered against a job that has two operations and the first operation has a scrap percentage of 50%, the resultant net quantity going into the second operation will be 100.
These include the product identity statement, the net quantity of contents, the identity of the manufacturer, packer or distributor, the ingredient list and the "nutrition facts panel.
The House of Representatives passed legislation that requires metric units to be the primary system for declaring the net quantity statement on labels.
The net quantity represents approximately 30% of TXCO's daily net gas production rate at year end 2002.
A late penalty fee of maximum net quantity affected by the delay of 25%.
It would identify the manufacturer, production source and batch and information about the net quantity of contents found in the supplement.
Weights and Measures officials also have the important job of checking packaged products to make sure they contain the net quantity stated on the label.
MIF will be working closely with its members -- companies that process about 85 percent of the nation's milk -- and with state and federal regulatory agencies, to ensure that all milk packaging consistently and absolutely contains the net quantity declared on the package label.
Delivery of the net quantity of active electric power and coordination of balancing group objects "WSS" Ltd -.
Contract notice: Selecting a provider of net quantity of active electric energy and balance group coordinator for the needs of "plumbing" ltd.
Delivery of the net quantity of active power balancing and coordinating group for objects of Water Supply - Ltd.