net return

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83 per cent net return for the first nine months of 2012, surpassing the whole of 2011 net return, despite global economic instability.
1% decline in net return on equity Year-on-Year for the second quarter from the same quarter of 2011 s figure of 9.
The average FY2011 total net return reported by the 179 independent/private foundations and community foundations participating in the 2012 Commonfund Benchmarks Study[R] of Foundations was -0.
Average One-, Three-, Five-, and 10-Year Net Returns, FY2009 * and FY2010 ** FY2009 FY2010 1-year net return -18.
Disappointingly, no one has yet been able to provide an answer to my question: "What is the UKs net return on an investment of circa pounds 55bn a year in EU membership?
Further, the bank also said that it is expecting to achieve a net return on equity of up to two percent in 2008.
The airline also said its net profit was CNY403m, while earnings per share and net return on asset were CNY0.
McPhail's report reflects gross values and not net return to growers.
The Inland Revenue have decided that as the net return from owning racehorses and gambling on aggregate is negative, they do not want to open the floodgates for loss claims from owners (including club members) and gamblers.
Column headers contain the variables that are allowed to change (sales growth rate, cost-of-sales growth rate and advertising for each period) as well as the target cells (net total sales, net total operating income, gross profit ratio and net return on sales).
Tax efficiency can affect the overall net return a shareholder realizes from a mutual fund and is often one of the factors investors consider when selecting such investments.
ACUMEN provides both top-down and the more critical bottom-up "what-if" analyses, allowing the user to determine the operational requirements to produce a specified net return.