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Boiling nettles removes all the sting so they're safe to eat - you'll be left with a wilted green, a bit like spinach, and you can use it in many of the same recipes.
Thanks to tools developed by Nettle such as risk assessment systems, IT systems for monitoring receivables as well as their experienced team, they have become an important partner for many pharmaceutical companies.
DAVID TANIS NYT SYNDICATE AT the market the other day (a rather chilly spring day), a vendor had gorgeous bunches of wild stinging nettles in addition to a farm-grown bok choy, mustard, pea shoots, dandelion and young chard.
If nettles are wet, drain in a colander, pat dryland'
NETTLE FRITTERS For a quick snack try mixing blanched, finely chopped leaves with a beaten egg.
We're hoping that soon Mabel will have her own chicks to look after but I don't think Nettle will be returning the favour when that happens," he added.
Of course, this makes nettle very easy to identify.
Although the NOAA technique is fairly successful at predicting sea nettle presence along the length of the Chesapeake, it hasn't done as well in estimating their presence across the width of the bay, says Brown.
Nettle foliage (young or old) can also be cut down and submerged in water to make a free and totally organic liquid plant food.
It may be an old wives' tale that dock leaves help soothe nettle stings, but rubbing one on the affected area always worked for me.