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The neural crest differentiates into cells, such as ganglion cells, Schwann cells, melanocytes, and adrenal medullary chromaffin.
The cranial neural crest cells develop into many important structures of the head and face, and 90 percent of the gingival stem cells were found to be N-GMSC.
These conditions can be distinguished by the color of the retina, whose cells do not originate in the neural crest (red in albino, wild-type in leucistic and progressive graying) and ontogenetic changes incolor (Raven et al.
Neural crest cells manifest early in the development of a vertebrate embryo.
Because impaired neural crest (NC) function is one of the known causes for teratologic effects, testing of toxicant effects on NC cells is desirable for a DT test battery.
Ganglioneuromas are a rare neoplasm of neural crest cell origin.
Paragangliomas are rare chromaffin cell tumours that derive from neural crest origin.
Neural crest cells are essential for the formation of much of the craniofacial region, and teeth develop from epithelial-mesenchymal interactions between oral epithelium and neural crest derived mesenchyme.
Topics include geographic distribution of cavefish, biology of cavefish including cellular mechanisms of eye degeneration, reproduction timing, male mating behavior, migratory neural crest cells, gut contents in relation to prey densities, conservation of subterranean fishes, and genetic diversity of cavefish populations.
We showed that CTAVN and solid cell nests of the thyroid gland are identical structures and indicated that CTAVN is an ultimobranchial heterotopia secondary to an alteration in cardiac neural crest cell development.
For this evolutionary innovation, the development of the neural crest was crucial.
It involves the neural crest cells that affect the development of all 3 germ layers.