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The researchers engineered a noninvasive magnet-based technology to create fever-like conditions in two specific temperature-sensitive ion channels called TRPV1 and TRPV4 in the neural crest cells involved in developing the heart and face.
A constant target of neural crest cell anomalies,12 the chick thymus has remained a subject of interest for decades.
Combination of multiple neural crest migration assay to identify environmental toxicants from a proof-of-concept chemical library.
In this sense, adult stem cells from the carotid body taken from the neural crest (CBSCs) are capable of experiencing endothelial differentiation, as well as their already described role in neurogenesis.
The teratogenecity of RA is manifested primarily by arresting the migration of cranial neural crest cells (CNCC), to their destined tissues, including to the pharyngeal arches.
The identity of the cells was further confirmed by lineage tracing experiments, where the reprogrammed cells were implanted in chicken embryos and acted just as neural crest cells do.
sup][14] have found that weakening the function of cHIRA in the chick cardiac neural crest will lead to a high incidence of PTA, which is one type of CTD.
Enteroendocrine cells are alternatively known as neuroendocrine cells and APUD cells because they were thought to originate from the neural crest.
Neuroblastoma is an embryonal cancer of childhood arising from immature neural crest cells of the sympathetic nervous system.
Metaplasia of mesenchyme (of primary neural crest origin), resulting in abnormal differentiation of surface ectoderm, is considered the most likely mechanism (Castro et al.
Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) are pigmented lesions that are present at birth and created by the abnormal migration of neural crest cells during embryogenesis.