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The three attackers combine to find the third man for a long distance shot from inside the zone, before the attackers enter the neutral zone.
Rather, it controls extension dynamically, thereby positively affecting the neutral zone and reducing disc and facet loading.
Khafji is part of the neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia which is jointly operated by the two nations and had produced around 700,000 bpd of shared crude.
It's imperative the Bruins generate speed through the neutral zone, both to increase their chances of retrieving dump-ins and to keep from getting blown away should the Bolts mount a counter attack.
In accordance with the preliminary agreement with Uzbek Border Service, the meeting was to take place in the neutral zone between the Kyrgyz village of Burgondu of Kadamjay rayon and the Uzbek village of Voodil.
com/cgi-bin/prnh/20081114/CLF016LOGO ) Atlanta Establishes First Carbon Neutral Zone in the U.
We had good chances but they stacked the neutral zone and made it difficult for us.
Even though blindside and peel-blocks are legal near or behind the neutral zone in certain instances, the AFCA Ethics Committee reminds the membership that teaching such blocking is ethically improper and should be avoided because of the high risk possibility of serious injury.
But now I wonder: What if my grasping for new eyesight is just a way of holding on to the past rather than face the neutral zone and new beginnings?
Roberts Jennings, then a reporter for Pacific Stars and Stripes, "The announcement of her visit spread like wild grass fire across the tense neutral zone.
This agreement grants Chevron the right to operate on behalf of the Saudi government for its 50 percent undivided interest in the petroleum resources of the onshore area of the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ) between the Kingdom and the State of Kuwait.
After the meeting which was held in UN office at the neutral zone in Nicosia, Eide read the joint statement on behalf of both sides.