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Interestingly, Greatbatch (1998: 169) points out that IEs commonly collaborate in the maintenance of the neutralistic stance of the IRs, regardless of their own opinion about the IRs' motivation, and treat difficult questions as part of the modern style of interviewing.
Showing that there had been `a substantial shift in the nature rather than the volume of American perceptions and behaviors towards animals, particularly wildlife' (Kellert, 1985: 31), he summarized the shift as a decline in utilitarian and negativistic attitudes, and a rise in neutralistic and ecologistic attitudes.
These were: neutralistic (indifference); humanistic (those who express concern for individual animals, mainly pets); moralistic (those who endorse right as opposed to wrong animal treatment and are opposed to animal exploitation, for example, animal liberationists); utilitarian (for example, hunters and farmers); and aesthetic (valuing animals for their beauty).