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Having blood samples from such an early stage enabled researchers to pinpoint the particular "founder" virus that triggered the immune system to make an immature broadly neutralizing antibody against HIV, as well as the cell from which that antibody emerged.
However, even with these powerful broadly neutralizing antibodies in hand, scientists need to find a way to elicit their production in the body through a vaccine.
Of the former, human monocyte assay of undiluted serum showed that 31 had DENV-2 neutralizing antibodies from a prior heterotypic dengue infection.
Acid neutralizing capacity is 21-23 mEq of acid consumed per gram.
Grades where coagulant is a neutralizing agent to prevent deposition include LWC, alkaline printing and writing, newsprint, paperboard, and tissue," he added.
The adjuvant activity of HA was higher than mucosal adjuvant cholera toxin in inducing neutralizing antibodies; and
Ruprecht: Every once in a while, a patient develops relatively high titers of neutralizing antibodies [meaning that they produce antibodies that effectively block HIV].
The appearance of neutralizing antibodies is associated with this change.
While this model adequately reflects the methods available to police departments in past years, it does not accommodate the expanded arsenal of neutralizing agents available to today's law enforcement officers.
From the blood of certain HIV-infected individuals, the Theraclone technology is able to identify HIV-specific broadly neutralizing antibodies, which is an enormous benefit to AIDS vaccine designers.
These broadly neutralizing antibodies bind to one of four sites on the virus.
Human sera from the United States, Thailand, and sub-Saharan Africa and chimpanzee sera were tested for neutralizing antibodies to 3 chimpanzee adenoviruses.