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They selected all the newest and cleanest bills and assorted them into various piles.
We shall be her newest and most enthusiastic converts.
Darnell, his newest mother, lived in Cleveland, Ohio.
Du Bruel was a plodder; at the office he read the newest books, extracted their wit, and laid it by for use in his dialogues.
She was superbly dressed after the newest and the most costly Parisian design.
Madame Mantalini's shows-rooms were on the first-floor: a fact which was notified to the nobility and gentry by the casual exhibition, near the handsomely curtained windows, of two or three elegant bonnets of the newest fashion, and some costly garments in the most approved taste.
The newest song which the singers have, they will be afraid that he may be praising, not new songs, but a new kind of song; and this ought not to be praised, or conceived to be the meaning of the poet; for any musical innovation is full of danger to the whole State, and ought to be prohibited.
It was not in the newest fashion, of course; but none the worse for that, under present circumstances.
When Charles left Ducie Street he had caught the first train home, but had no inkling of the newest development until late at night.
But to old earth's choicest kin there come straight, sweet messages from his newest bride, telling them they shall be no stepchildren unless they choose to be.
We have dinner-parties, and drive out in the coach-and-four the footmen put on their newest canary-coloured liveries; we drink claret and champagne as if we were accustomed to it every day.
Therefore, Senkadagala Finance inked a Share Purchase Agreement recently with the shareholders of Newest Capital Limited to acquire 100% of its Fully Paid Issued Capital for a consideration of Rs.