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com (Sofia News Agency) published its 100 000th news article (paradoxically, it was about Novinite.
What you do with the extra minutes you save is your business - but it's hard to imagine not spending more time on this online news site, where access to 120 of the latest news articles in each category is as simple as a click of the mouse.
The database will be updated with an average of a new proprietary news article every 15 seconds.
In the May 2004 toxacogenomics news article "Diet and DNA" [Environ Health Perspect 112:A404 (2004)], the European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO) was described as "a network of 22 scientists" when in fact it is a network of 22 organizations.
However, representatives from the company have stated on many complaint forums that those who are spreading the fake news articles are affiliates of the company who are operating on their own.
To read a news article along with a chart on high school sports' participation, go to this ESPN Web site: http://sports.
I give no merit to a news article that speculates about relationships or potential relationships,'' Betty said.
For details view related May 15, 2006, news article -- Venezuela Sends 2 Billion Barrels of Crude Oil to India (http://www.
Michael Nelson was quoted in an April 9 San Jose Mercury News article .
It was very thoughtful of the Daily News editors to place this news article on bilingual education directly above a second news article entitled, ``LAUSD board puts $2.
NASDAQ: IROQ) was identified in a news article yesterday alleging that its subsidiary, Cayuga Savings Bank, may be the target of an FBI investigation.
Gold editorial award winners are Computerworld, for Editor's Column, News Coverage, Regular Column, and Technical Article; Transmission & Distribution World, for Focus/Profile Article; Vodaworld Magazine for Product Section; Tobacco Reporter, for Feature Article; Digital Connect, for Department; CIO, for How-To Article; and Builder, for Single News Article and Special Section.