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Talking to newsmen in New Delhi' the Minister said Pakistan has always condemned terrorism.
Memon told newsmen that he would return to the country on Thursday.
Talking to newsmen in New Delhi, the Minister said Pakistan has always condemned terrorism.
Maulana Fazl Ur Rahman told newsmen that Pakistan was deeply concerned over the terrorism activities and added that decisions of the parliament and recommendations of All Parties Conferences (APCs) should be implemented in letter and spirit to counter the menace.
Talking to newsmen outside Parliament House in Islamabad on Monday evening' the PTI chief said delegations from two sides should meet where demands should be put but these must be within the framework of the Constitution.
Talking to newsmen, Syed Khurshid Shah said that terrorist incidents are meant to sabotage the proposed talks with Taliban for peace.
The participant of the inaugural journey included Provincial Minister for Sports and Tourism Mehmood Jan, Secretary Tourism Tariq Jameel, Members Youth Assembly KP, members of PTI student wing and newsmen.
Talking to newsmen at the Parliament House after the PAC meeting Shah said the government should not involve the army in the dialogue process with the Taliban as only the government itself could go for the dialogue.
KARACHI -- Political interference is root cause of destruction of educational system in Sindh and without ending the culture of political appointments in violation of merit and checking unbridled corruption, the downfall of education in the province cannot be stopped, say educationists while talking to newsmen.
In analyzing why such veteran newsmen as Simon and Jennings took it upon themselves to become actors in this international drama, Lederman makes his most important contribution.
He's one of the best newsmen I've ever known and the most devoted," said Bill Wundram, a long-time columnist for the Quad-City Times who worked with Hayes for many years.
The newsmen continue to imagine that you can have intellectual freedom without the free market.