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The TV camera and newsmen earlier crowded outside to cover the meeting of the two top leaders as Bangladesh's volatile politics exposed them to extreme hostility in the past three weeks.
The Commander's pronouncement followed revelations by a suspected member of the sect now under their custody, who told newsmen that many of them have intension to leave, but that they were afraid lest they be traced and killed.
Although our newsmen had tough times they never did surrender, It's up to us readers to make sure our papers reach their vendors.
Gemayel told newsmen that the majority still retains position inside the parliament despite Jumblatt' s defection to the other camp.
The ex-minister who interacted with the convicts for nearly two hours refused to answer queries raised by newsmen or to comment on his visit, as he hurriedly left the spot escorted by AIADMK advocates and party functionaries.
Newsmen John Stapleton and Jeremy Paxman have pledged to donate their brains to Parkinson's research when they die.
Jason Robards, Martin Balsam, and Jack Warden are seasoned newsmen who make you want to fall in love with the First Amendment all over again.
Lawrence Schneider, Assistant Professor of Communications at the university, details some of the conversation between these two groups, the white newsmen and their black critics.
I saw how important unfettered newsmen are to the recent embrace of democracy in Central and South America.
Ade Lawyer told newsmen when he was paraded by the police that he had also killed for many other prominent people in Lagos State and that he had been working for the former NURTW chairman since his days as the union boss between 2008 and 2011.
LARKANA -- PPP leader Tariq Anwar Siyal while talking to newsmen while talking to newsmen at Siyal House on Sundaysaid that no one can defeat PPP in Sindh.