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Palmer looked up on her entering the room, stared at her some minutes, and then returned to his newspaper.
Peggotty pointed to a certain paragraph in the newspaper, where I read aloud as follows, from the Port Middlebay Times:
He folded up the newspaper, and put it in his coat-tail pocket.
Fanny read to herself that "it was with infinite concern the newspaper had to announce to the world a matrimonial fracas in the family of Mr.
Under these circumstances, if the American metropolitan newspapers were published here in Constantinople, their next commercial report would read about as follows, I suppose:
Beyond these newspaper buildings again, and partially hidden by the arches of the old Elevated Railway of New York (long since converted into a mono-rail), there was another cordon of police and a sort of encampment of ambulances and doctors, busy with the dead and wounded who had been killed early in the night by the panic upon Brooklyn Bridge.
I haunted the post-office about the time the books were due, and when I found one of them in our deep box among a heap of exchange newspapers and business letters, my emotion was so great that it almost took my breath.
Will you pardon my asking, madam, if you have seen the newspapers this morning?
On second thought he concluded that he had been wrong about the speed with which things found their way into newspaper columns.
He had attempted to reply to the previous newspaper attack, but now he remained silent.
I am looking through old newspapers," she resumed, "beginning with the year eighteen hundred and seventy-six.
He had previously sent information of the robbery to the Bank of England, and had also advertised the loss in the daily newspapers.