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A spokesman for Ahold-owned Albert Heijn said: "We aren't in negotiations with Vrumona anymore, but they indicated in the newspaper advertisement (they are) willing to resolve the problem as soon as possible, so we expect that Vrumona will come up with a new proposal soon".
In this case, it led to an approach that involved giving internal parasites the human ability to communicate with horse owners using handwritten notes, a telegram and a classified newspaper advertisement.
An instant Oscar contender" screams the newspaper advertisement for the just-released (19 November in Toronto and Vancouver) controversial film, Kinsey, starring Liam Neeson as bug lecturer turned international sex expert Alfred Kinsey.
The Westin, which employs more than 400 people, listed more than 20 positions in a newspaper advertisement for its second job fair on St.
an Atlanta-based real estate investment trust, today commented on another full-page newspaper advertisement paid for by former CEO John Williams:
A newspaper advertisement claims he can bring your spouse or lover back to you, break evil spells and cure rare diseases.
Bishop Michael Saltarelli expressed his unqualified support of a local Catholic school for firing a religion teacher who signed a newspaper advertisement supporting legal abortion.
PEOPLE in Stratford are confused by a newspaper advertisement which shows new houses in a sensitive location in Stratford town centre.
Forza received a gold award in the newspaper advertisement series category for its work with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care's pneumonia campaign.
The owner bought the reptile for pounds 50 from a newspaper advertisement and did not even know what type of snake he had - believing it was a boa constrictor.
Further, suits could be brought by individuals who have no relationship with the financial institution or its consumer deposit products other than having viewed a newspaper advertisement.
Referring to the Janata Dal- United- BJP stand- off over a newspaper advertisement ahead of the latter's national executive, Lalu said: " He ( Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar) should either snap his ties with the BJP to prove his secular credentials, or merge his party with the BJP.