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But when a column of news was sent by telephone to The Boston Globe, the whole newspaper world was agog with excitement.
I expect people in the newspaper world could tell them how to do it.
Nothing like dishonoring the newspaper world by making a mistake about a newspaper.
REDUCING the length of a sentence - "subbing" as we call it in the newspaper world - is a fine art.
While most of the newspaper world celebrated what few holiday-induced ad gains they might have achieved and generally kept quiet over the last fortnight, Tribune Co.
So this is a requiem not just for Bob White, but for the newspaper world he represented so well.
In the newspaper world, advance obituaries are usually reserved for the giants--presidents and popes.
The one I would like to see succeed - and this will be determined by Ofcom and not by me - I would like to see ITV Wales' expertise and the newspaper world coming together because there could be really good synergies," said Mr Hain.
But by the time the movie was made, this scene and the shout that highlighted it were an unintended parody of a newspaper world almost gone.
BRIAN PAGE is the author of Still Lives, a novel set in the North-east's newspaper world which tells of ordinary people in the region.
Dallas and the newspaper world were not completely new to her, though.
Stewart, whose opinions might come off as a bit stuffy, but philosophically, they aren't that much different than any media column you could find in the newspaper world these days.