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Many of his so-called news stories are really extended editorials where the newspaperman expounds on corruption and evil, while also extolling the virtues with which he agrees.
By the time Doris Humphrey was five, her father, a newspaperman, and her mother, a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music, had been reduced to earning a living by working as manager and housekeeper, respectively, of a seedy theatrical hotel.
A freelance newspaperman and businessman, Hubbard retired in 1892 and founded the Roycroft Press in 1895 at East Aurora, N.
His father Keith was a famous newspaperman in Australia, and Murdoch watchers from the 1950s onward have seen Rupert's career as an ambitious son's attempt to one-up the old man.
Crawford, who started his more than 40-year career as a newspaperman working in the newsroom of the Worcester Telegram in 1953 to help cover the aftermath of the infamous Worcester tornado, was at Blissful Meadows Golf Club in Uxbridge yesterday signing his first book, "Foibles," a self-published 72-page collection of essays, including three on events that occurred in the Whitinsville part of Northbridge.
A local newspaperman and a gad student in forensics search for clues; but what they find only adds more mystery and seems to point to an impossible crime.
It appears longtime Arkansas newspaperman Larry Sullivan is on the move again.
Gavin's Kolchak was a disheveled newspaperman who had a nose for blood, especially if a vampire was involved.
It is hard to think of a more hardworking, genial, dedicated newspaperman.
Walter Woodward, an American newspaperman who fought against U.
Toler Media Services is syndicating columns by a longtime newspaperman and a conservative commentator.