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Newspapermen like variety in their assignments, which is another way of saying that they may be deficient in concentration.
Newspapermen might not also like to acknowledge that for many readers the daily newspaper is simply an entertainment.
Newspapermen are apt to be against the successful and the affluent.
Unjustified waste in business, as much as a government's taxation, grabs at the public's pocketbook--but it is not generally considered fair game for newspapermen.
Public relations men who in government perform a useful enough service for lazy newspapermen by gathering up facts for them--while discouraging independent inquiry--are even more sleekly successful in business at putting out what they would like known about a company, and diverting newspapermen from what they do not want to know.
I do not suggest that newspapermen live like characters in a Pirandello play, chasing elusive and changing truths.
I am not going to get into the judges' disagreement, but it seems to me that there is no way for newspapermen to escape making judgments.
Newspapermen are not responsible to a constituency, or even to a client.
Certainly officials and newspapermen approach differently the question of whether something should be published.
Among the American newspapermen who have been debating this subject there seem to be two divisions.
Why, they ask, should newspapermen refrain from putting a twist on the ball and then permit someone else to pitch the reader a curve?
The times are serious enough and American newspapermen are mature enough for us to apply to ourselves a stricter discipline than that required for the old objectivity.