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In addition to his work in Commonweal, Gallicho, a member of the Religion Newswriters Association, has been published in America, the National Catholic Reporter, The Tablet of London, El Ciervo of Spain, Religion Dispatches, Religion News Service, The New York Observer, The New York Times and elsewhere.
His work has received numerous awards from the Catholic Press Association and one for news writing last year from the Religion Newswriters Association.
Bob Smietana is a freelance religion writer based in Nashville and president of the Religion Newswriters Association.
Moment won four awards from the Religion Newswriters Association, including first place for overall excellence in a magazine.
said on Thursday that it was selling its Religion News Service to a new non-profit group that is supported by the Religion Newswriters Association, the University of Missouri School of Journalism and the Lilly Endowment Inc.
Nevada (US), Jan 1 (ANI): Oscar winner Hollywood star Julia Roberts' (Pretty Woman) conversion to Hinduism is among the top-20 "2010 Religion Stories of the Year" list created by Religion Newswriters Association (RNA).
They may research and write a portion of the stories they deliver on the air, although the volume of news that must be reported means that professional newswriters prepare most stories.
A Resource Guide from Religion Newswriters, available on the Internet at http@www.
In 2004, the Religion Newswriters Association gave him its William A.
presidential election topped the list of religion news stories of the year, according to the Westerville, Ohio-based Religion Newswriters Association.
Tiffany McCallen, associate director of the Ohio-based Religion Newswriters Association, said she is unaware of any other interfaith group in the country that regularly writes a newspaper column.
Evangelical struggles to settle on a Republican presidential candidate and Democrats' efforts to reach religious voters led the Religion Newswriters Association's list of top religion stories of 2007.