next of kin

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Next of Kin

The blood relatives entitled by law to inherit the property of a person who dies without leaving a valid will, although the term is sometimes interpreted to include a relationship existing by reason of marriage.


Descent and Distribution.

next of kin

n. 1) the nearest blood relatives of a person who has died, including the surviving spouse. 2) anyone who would receive a portion of the estate by the laws of descent and distribution if there were no will. (See: descent and distribution)

next of kin

noun blood kindred, blood relation, blood relative, close relative, collateral relative, consanguineal relaaions, family, family connection, family tie, individual's nearrst relative, kin, kindred, kinsman, kinspeople, near relation, nearest blood relation, nearest relative by blood, related by affinity, relation by blood, relations, relatives
Associated concepts: decedent's estate, heirs
See also: affiliation, blood, bloodline, kindred

NEXT OF KIN. This term is used to signify the relations of a party who has died intestate.
     2. In general no one comes within this term who is not included in the provisions of the statutes of distribution. 3 Atk. 422, 761; 1 Ves. sen. 84. A wife cannot, in general, claim as next of kin of her husband, nor a husband as next of kin of his wife. But when there are circumstances in a will which induce a belief of an intention to include them under this term, they will be so considered, though in the ordinary sense of the word, they are not. Hov. Fr. 288, 9; 1 My. & Keen, 82. Vide Branch; Kindred; Line.

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It was a strain on the next of kin if it had been a long time between the beginning of the patient's illness and the establishment of the MS diagnosis.
I'm sure they don't worry about who they'll put down as next of kin.
The Central scheme aims at providing assistance to the next of kin of victims of terrorist, including militancy and insurgency, and communal violence.
The Coroner's Office is now trying to trace Mr Barclay's next of kin and it is believed he may have had a nephew, called Ian Barclay, from the Birkenhead area.
They asked about next of kin and were reluctant to let me go home on my own.
Winter said his office is holding about 200 bodies of people for whom they have been unable to locate next of kin, or whose families have said they can't afford cremation or burial.
Egoyan's films form the spine of what became a new, urban body of work: Next of Kin, Listen to the City, Family Viewing, Mermaids, Dead Ringers, Milk and Honey, Speaking Parts, Masala, Sam & Me, The Adjuster, Thirty-two Short Films About Glenn Gould, Exotica, Rude, Soul Survivor, Curtis's Charm, Eclipse.
Given the nature and impact of the wrongful death of 14-year-old Brandon Block, Cheryle Matis, as Trustee to the Heirs and Next of Kin is demanding the policy limits of $1 million of the homeowners insurance policy with State Farm Fire & Casualty Company," said Ronald F.
POLICE are appealing for information about the next of kin of a woman who died in her Merseyside home.
LIVERPOOL Coroner's Office is appealing for the next of kin of a man who died on November 3, 2008.
The name of the young man with Garcia was not available, pending notification of his next of kin.