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DJs will include World Music gurus Radio Exotica, along with DJ Tizzle and DJ Niceness.
Dr Dall said: "What we have been able to show is how you can get a situation where you end up with distinct levels of genetically determined niceness co-existing within populations.
The personality of business is changing, and niceness pays, as 83 per cent say their businesses are a success.
If niceness will win the tournament this man is going to come home as Northern Ireland's greatest hero.
I don't care if it's rough around the edges, I don't care if someone's "dirty" or "blue," but I like there to be a niceness somewhere in there.
And if you see someone who acts like a mule, remember the animals and their new rule: instead of unkindness, choose niceness and see exactly how joyful the barnyard can be
It would be a great pity if Alan Beith's famed niceness is set aside as he desperately tries to grab credit for dualling the A1 which would be a travesty of justice and fair play indeed.
He can make funny out of niceness and being a nice guy, and that is extremely difficult.
The liberal, politically correct, Nazi Nannies of Niceness could join in sign battles with real Nazis and inform drivers about minorities from opposing fascist viewpoints.
Her coaching tips are as straightforward, practical and honest as always--Frankel says, for example, that women must balance the need for assertion and niceness.
One of the caught men Philip HNATKIWSKYJ - Known as DJ Niceness - has been a disc JOCKEY for 25 years and previously worKed for hospital radio in the town.
The second and third experiments examined how niceness and meanness affected assigning knowledge to an expert.