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A third of Brits want to make their homes look nicer
Located at 51 Cragwood Rd in South Plainfield, New Jersey the new Shore Thing Marketing office is significantly larger as well as nicer.
Our aim is to tackle the anti-social behaviour in the short term and in the long term to make it a nicer place for residents.
He said: "I'm a much nicer person to live with now I'm playing all the time.
It's not that we don't like Sherman Oaks, but we found a bigger, nicer apartment in Canoga Park.
I give up a nicer car and a larger home in order to do this.
General Synod however, has put a stop to such litigation with Canon XVII; as a letter in the Journal (September 1998) attests: "Power corrupts; absolute power is nicer.
As a colleague states "I am a nicer person at 0800 hours than I am at 1600 hours.
After giving him a cow-sized lick of thanks, she resolves to be less nosy and nicer.
4 Even the chef who claims "I never buy canned anything' will bow down to the power of a good bread maker, and it doesn't get much nicer than the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme ($250).
Carroll) and family soon discover that while Joseph, Albert, and Julius (Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov) are a little rough around the edges, they make much nicer houseguests than evil uncle Andre (Basil Rathbone) and conniving cousin Paul John Baer).
Karen hoped to build her business so that someday she could hire additional staff, move to a nicer office, and send her son to a private school.