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With regard to constitutional niceties we all know that, whatever the norms might be, our MPs gave us, the people, the unfettered right to decide on our membership of the EU.
Nostalgia takes over and they become obsessed with only the perceived niceties of an imagined utopia that they, or their parents, have left behind but try to keep alive, thus making their lives alien to the country that they have moved to.
It's Big Bother over in Big Brother as the niceties have been done away with and the squabbling starts.
2 : a fine detail that is considered part of polite or proper behavior <Grandma taught me the niceties of setting a table.
There's no time to go into niceties and debates when the killings are taking place," said President Paul Kagame.
But even if they were exportable, would they be considered more than philosophical niceties to peoples deeply impressed with crying economic needs, the cruel majesty of a new industrial machine, and the prospect of being in the advanced guard of mankind?
Now they have a leadership which does not have the niceties of the best of democracies in the West, but is determined to make Russia a world power again.
Those who make it to the end can savour vertiginous views over the fjord, a 600m sheer drop below, uninterrupted by the niceties of balustrading.
Policies were on time, service was exemplary, phone calls were returned quickly, claims actually were paid, and other such niceties.
Pros: This mostly improvised comedy provides plenty of cringe- and laugh-inducing moments, a la ``The Office,'' as Nate strives mightily (and fruitlessly) to prove that he's above small-town niceties and/or banalities.
Always measured against the original, "Peasant" Bruegel, descendants in this legendary family held their own, each making a mark, all painstakingly distinguishing themselves through the choice of subject matter and niceties of style.
But the course covers more than the niceties of party planning and fork-using.