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If you can tie these four components together, you will be well on your way to becoming an industry leader in a niche you love, understand and provides long-term opportunity.
By looking at online reviews of Simple Bank (see sidebar below), you get a clear picture of its niche.
The elements refer to the end-date for realizing the vision; the specific niche one wishes to carve out for oneself, and finally one's aimed-for position or place within that niche.
Citation: "The Nuclear Lamina Regulates Germline Stem Cell Niche Organization via Modulation of EGFR Signaling"; Haiyang Chen et al.
The Salk researchers discovered that as the stem cell niche ages, the cells produce a microRNA (a molecule that plays a negative role in the production of proteins from RNA) known as let-7.
We were undertaking several days of training and motivation for a new niche market they were about to enter.
Mike Dickison, director of the niche vehicle programme in Coventry University's Low Carbon Vehicle Grand Challenge, said: "The niche vehicle sector is a vital part of the automotive landscape in the UK and particularly in the West Midlands.
Its memory chips for mobile devices, among the niche products, have been shipped to manufacturers of solid state drives (SSDs) and tablet PCs.
Saint Francis is now infusing NICHE into all adult inpatient nursing units with Geriatric Resource Nurses (another NICHE model), a NICHE page on the Saint Francis nursing website, and taking NICHE based protocols housewide--with the goal of making sure that every nurse has the tools and resources to take care of geriatric patients.
The late 19th century witnessed the growing popularity of the modern moveable frame box hive, which did not require a bee niche for protection.
Niche Market was the second foal and her fourth, Beckett Rock, a fullbrother to Niche Market, unseated his rider in the Powers Whiskey Irish Grand National on Monday.