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But The End Is Nigh all right, and getting Nigher all the time.
43) Legal reform was thus integral to the colonial project, although justified as a means of helping the colonies to evolve toward a nigher standard of civilization.
THE end of the season may be nigher than a very nigh thing but controversy, not to mention bile, spite and downright nonsense, continues to rear its ugly head.
Chapters 4 and 5 explain how nigher productivity spurred wage rates and employment.
We think that when the plants were faced with the very nigh calcium content of the nigher nutrient concentration, the root cells' calcium efflux pumps went to work and pumped out the excess calcium--as well as enough of the iron and other nutrients--so that the plants couldn't overdose on iron.
According to an assortment of doomsaying divines these catastrophes and odd events are simply signs that The End Is Nigh and it's Nigher than we thought.
Waveless, foamless, sure and slow, Silent o'er the vale below, Till nigher still and nigher comes the seeth [sic] of fields on fire, And the thrash of falling tress, and the steam of rivers dry, And before the burning flood the wild things of the wood Skulk and scream, and fight, and fall, and flee, and fly.