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Native Americans have the nighest rate of military enlistment of any community in the United States, largely because of the dire economics of Indian Country, but also because of a very complex relationship with the military.
Fisher: Of all the rich countries--notice I don't use the term "industrial" anymore because we are "postindustrial"; we're a service-driven, cyber-enhanced economy operating on the nighest rungs of the value-added ladder--the United States is the only one that has consistently grown in the face of all the new competition that has come on stream since the fall of the Wall and the demise of Mao.
Pore thing, hurt and lonesome--Come visitin' its nighest kin to pick a play"; Rawlings herself comments, "It was a harsh thing, even for a wolf, to be so alone that it must turn to the yard of its enemy for companionship.