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NIGHT. That space of time during which the sun is below the horizon of the earth, except, that short space which precedes its rising and follows its setting, during which, by its light, the countenance of a man may be discerned. I Hale, P. C. 550; 3 Inst. 63; 4 Bl. Com. 224; 1 Hawk. P. C. 101; 3 Chit. Cr. Law, 1093; 2 Leach, 710; Bac. Ab. Burglary, D; 2 East, P. C. 509; 2 Russ. Cr. 32; Rosc. Cr. Ev. 278; 7 Dane's Ab. 134.

References in classic literature ?
Plain long cloth means a plain servant's nightgown.
Would you please show me other hand-made things nightgowns, chemises, and such things, and tell me the prices you pay?
Look at your night-gown, if you don't believe me," Solomon said, and with staring eyes Peter looked at his nightgown, and then at the sleeping birds.
Her figure looked singularly tall and imposing as she stood in her long white nightgown, a thick cable of twisted dark hair hanging straight down her back to her waist.
Inspired by this treasure, her artistic vision took shape in the form of a canvas with her grandmother's nightgown delicately mounted, painted, and preserved.
Gomez appeared to come out of a car crash as she sang on a wrecked car in a silky, white nightgown.
it's true I've worn your nightgown in fact I am wearing your
In that fatal Act IV Desdemona asks Emilia to lay her white wedding nightgown on her bed, but there is no bed and the nightgown mysteriously remains hanging on the wall above the doorway.
Her body was found in her nightgown by her grandson.
The three days kicked off with Friday's traditional nightgown parade through Staithes.
My nightgown is fat white linen and a hundred years old.
NEW Doctor Who Peter Capaldi looked like Wee Willie Winkie as he rode about on set in his nightgown.