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NIGHT. That space of time during which the sun is below the horizon of the earth, except, that short space which precedes its rising and follows its setting, during which, by its light, the countenance of a man may be discerned. I Hale, P. C. 550; 3 Inst. 63; 4 Bl. Com. 224; 1 Hawk. P. C. 101; 3 Chit. Cr. Law, 1093; 2 Leach, 710; Bac. Ab. Burglary, D; 2 East, P. C. 509; 2 Russ. Cr. 32; Rosc. Cr. Ev. 278; 7 Dane's Ab. 134.

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Rose battles against the nightmarish Ood as the planet stands on the brink of being sucked into the black hole.
The animal kingdom comes out in full force with some nightmarish warnings of its own.
Hamilton, who is an independent filmmaker himself, wants to see the nightmarish fantasy ``Pan's Labyrinth,'' but it's not playing in the city.
Recall the fiasco around the Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez, the six-year-old who survived a nightmarish ordeal at sea, only to get caught in the nets of presidential campaign politics.
Families can then create their own dreamlike or nightmarish piece of artwork.
The Ahriman Gate is a novel about a nightmarish scenario of shadow governmental secrets, ghastly genetic manipulation, and the brink of discoveries that could spell the end of the world.
Fergal Lynch had shone on Golden Asha the previous week at Beverley, when boldly and skilfully overcoming the nightmarish draw bias on the five-furlong course.
Popalisky, who performs against these visuals, sees his dancing as "the visceral glue" that holds the nightmarish scenario together.
Lots of gore, including dismemberment, and the descriptions of the nightmarish demons make this appropriate only for those with strong stomachs--it's gross as well as engrossing.
Fans fear the result will be a debt that could creep towards pounds 1bn and Shareholders United chair Nick Towle said: "This is frightening and nightmarish.