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Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated.
4) What begins as a noble project to redefine the world in terms of a mathesis universalis devolves into a nihilism masked as narcissism that sees poetry achieving victory over philosophy.
He covers the meaninglessness of life; a survey of misguided coping strategies: whether nihilism ruins lives; what philosophy is; the problem of consciousness; consciousness: the transcendent hypothesis; time, universals; and nihilism, transcendence, and philosophy.
His effort goes toward understanding "the essence of nihilism and its long history if we begin with the guiding concepts of metaphysics and gnoseology: hence, our reading of nihilism is carried out in front of the tribunal of first philosophy: "Nihilism is not primarily an event through which the most noble values are disvalued, nor is it primarily the announcement that 'God is dead'; rather, it is the forgetting of being, the crisis of the idea of truth, the abandonment of unchanging realities and truths, and the paralysis of meaning.
Then, in each chapter, she presents close readings of six novels published after Orwell's work, focusing on the themes of nihilism and morality.
The word nihilism was coined by Turgenev in 1862 to mean "any ideology or action" tending to "an indiscriminate destructiveness.
Still, while his critical readings yield many interesting insights, the framework within which they are presented--the apocalyptic final battle between atheist nihilism and combative Christian Platonism for the soul of the Republic--finally risks turning scholarly exposure and autobiography into epic poetry.
It explores contemporary painting's condition of subjective nihilism countered by strategies of aesthetic pluralism through the application of random texts and images painted over abstract fields of expressive mark making and figurative compositions.
As such the initial interpretation of the film is that it is an expression of Nietzsche's active and passive nihilism.
The first time I saw it, I didn't think about the greater scope of the movie, and then I heard people's reactions about things like nihilism and things like that.
There is a difference between nihilism and a desire for supernatural reward.
MP Ilija Dimovski writes for Dnevnik that Macedonia is in a period of strong reforms and implementation of projects that are of great significance and in this country only the opposition, filled with nihilism, together with its media, without any shame wants to deny this situation.