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Nimble-fingered minister Ewan Gilchrist managed to prise open the smallest, which was empty.
NIMBLE-fingered types can pick up some bargains at a fair.
More than 30 biblical scenes from tales such as The Last Supper and Noah's Ark have been created by the team of nimble-fingered churchgoers.
99) There are lots of books to tell you about China - its massive industrialisation and its many sweatshops toiled in by young, nimble-fingered factory workers.
The nimble-fingered worker is enjoying the latest in a line of creative jobs - and is proving a real gift for rushed shoppers.
The nimble-fingered misses are masters of the craze which has taken playgrounds by storm nationwide.
JERRY Reed will be the first to admit that he's no longer the hot-wired, nimble-fingered hipster he was back in the glory days of "When You're Hot, You're Hot" and "Smokey and the Bandit.
Feel A Whole Lot Better came complete with its Needles And Pins guitar riff and Chimes Of Freedom, Mr Spaceman, Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, Mr Tambourine Man and Turn Turn Turn followed in swift succession, before he returned to his Martin 12-string for the nimble-fingered extended intro to Eight Miles High.
The nimble-fingered knitters who meet in Redcar & Cleveland Mind's Redcar cafe and shop are providing the Beacon with its very own scarf in time for February 14.
The nimble-fingered team, called the Church Street Knitters, have been busy knitting dozens of hats, scarves and mittens in aid of Birmingham youth charity St Basils.
The bleak start gives way to comedy gold with Tony Bell as a nimble-fingered rogue who can steal anything .
NIMBLE-FINGERED knitters have raised more than pounds 500 for a Tyneside charity through their Easter-themed creations.