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Pickwick, blinded shortly afterwards with a silk handkerchief, falling up against the wall, and scrambling into corners, and going through all the mysteries of blind-man's buff, with the utmost relish for the game, until at last he caught one of the poor relations, and then had to evade the blind-man himself, which he did with a nimbleness and agility that elicited the admiration and applause of all beholders.
The collaborators to the deal perceive that the collective nimbleness might empower them to reach out to additional customers.
We strive to build a portfolio with low directional exposure to equity markets and the flexibility and nimbleness to generate attractive performance in any market environment,' the managers add.
The unique and innovative products that CIMA Group has within its portfolio of companies, along with the nimbleness that we can execute on, makes us a truly formidable player in this market; it just fuels my energy to be a part of this growth engine," stated D'Souza.
Our flexibility and nimbleness have enabled us to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the various markets in which we work.
If Kapil Sibal did his bit by doing away with board examinations or bringing in four year degree programme, his successor Smriti Irani has shown unmindful nimbleness in correcting the course.
I was struck by the first two, Stein and Blitch, saying ease of use and nimbleness is key contrasted with Glasser and Chaiken looking at the very top with mission, vision, finance and ops as key.
Private business, relatively less encumbered by rules, regulations and the legislative process, possesses the nimbleness government does not, and is free to take risks that would give Uncle Sam pause.
Baker argues that they can, and makes her case using phrases such as node community, equipotency, and nimbleness to change.
DeVry also provides the nimbleness that comes with high-touch, high-tech online education.
As our church continues to seek to do God's work together, emphasizing values such as nimbleness and flexibility, we must first wrestle with this question.
Bringing in a talented young chef to develop our future range is a testament to our nimbleness and culture for creative minds.